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Someone dear to her, encouraged her and built her up telling her, he knew she could do modeling. Having complete faith he urged her to join a photo contest. She became a finalist in the Mr. and Miss Bestyle pageant. She was accepted as Top Model in the BeStyle District Agency. The camaraderie amongst the models was exactly what she wanted. She joined all contest and pageants that she could find, worked with photography, then stumbled cross the Classic With Style Sexiest Photo contest. She was invited to join the University of Classic Style, she completed training and was accepted as a Simply The Best CWS models. There she practices her runway and styling skills with the nightly events and modeling classes. She has broaden her horizons and has gained experience in runway,photography, prink work, and Instore modeling. She is now an Instructor at Dallas Modeling Academy as well as a model, and COO. She has a goal of becoming Miss Virtual World. She has many skins and hairstyles, Her signature, is bright green eyes and blond hair. Lopez is a lover of people and is an Ambassador of a beloved group Paradise.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today I was getting ready for a formal outside party.  This gown from ghee called "Vivid Garden Gown" was just perfect.  It had the playfulness of poka dots and the freedom of a strapless but it also has the black to sharpen things up and a layer of sheer shimmer. To of course to be glamorous and keep the sun out of my eyes I wore ghee's "White and Black Shimmer Bloom Hat".  A beautiful arrangement  with poka dots on the petals!  I couldn't help but smile while wearing this ensemble because I felt so stylish! Get yours here at the far entrance of the main store (sold seperately)
 Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Monday, July 14, 2014


Be the beauty emerging from the petals of this gown called "Araminta" from Lybra.  Drenched in color of red/orange, violets and pinks you'll look like a rose.  This strapless gown has flowers for a hat, shoulder pads, (not shown) and surrounding the bodice.  Your hips bloom out with delicate trails behind you and a genius blending of color that pools at your feet while you walk.  A sexy open back is sure to show your sensual side.  What a gown to wear to show your support for Breast Cancer Awarness and be queen of the night.  Get yours here Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Get lost in the beauty of this gown by Lybra called "Abigal". Tonight I feel like a portrait drenched in the soft layers of this design.  Draped on your body in a perfect fit in soft pastel colors of blue, pink and sand.  Strapless to show off the subtle sensuous curves of your decollete which goes perfect with the a sweet updo. This gown is perfect for many occasions such as a garden party, ball room dance, or even a bride's maid. Go and get yours here
Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo


It's been a while but the Bitch is Back in town.. That's is how this outfit makes me feel.  Sexy but tough out on the streets strutting around.  This is Lovecats' "Tagged".  A deadly short leather mini skirt and graffiti colored leather jacket.  Matching avante garde boots with studded details on boots and jacket.  Don't forget your chains.  Included jewelery is belt, necklaces and rings. Nothing else shows off your street style than an awesome tattoo!  Run and get yours here
Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxox