People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Wow everyone! Yesterday was our Graduation from Modeling School at Classic With Style.  It  was so much fun!  All of us were so emotional, and i think we huged about a thousand times.  I can't imagine what would be greater than to go through a process like this with some wonderful ladies .  We had an graduation party at theCeleberty Hangout and Ajay rocked out the tunes while all of danced, laughed, and had so much fun.  I felt so loved as all the other models welcomed us into the family with this party.... I love you all so much, and it was an honor to travel this path with you.   I want to say thank you so much to each and everyone of them for sticking in there and not giving up and encouraging me. Pictured above, DebbieDoo, Laylah, Nicki, Ania, Gabby, Nickle, Sakira, Lopez , and Anrol. Want to say I love you very much to Kimm Bellic who help me get to wear I am today and always supportive.  It was such a Pleasure to learn from the best. We love you, DebbieDoo, Laylah, Taby, Lisana, and Anrol.  Nothing can express how much we feel blessed that you decided to help each one of our lights shine. So as we go on and expand our careers, I want to wish all of you luck, be all you can be, love, fame, and prosper!  Wonder what my next frolic will be!xoxoxo

Thursday, February 24, 2011


WOW Today was our final test!!! *ignores my sweaty palms* j/k lol... Anrol was great.. And she IS a perfectionist.. So good to know we are learning from the best.. I finished up without any pose malfunctions tonight and felt great about that.  Although I learned I need a better variety of poses. Then the waiting was the hardest part.. and I HAPPY TO INFORM YOU ...that i recieved my letter and new tag as a Classic With Style Elite Model!! WHOOOHOOOO!!! I PASSED.. omg im so happy.. I heard from my fellow classmates NICKI VERVAIN, and ANIA SAPPHIRE and they made it too.. I'm anxious to see who else passed ... Love these girls, they are so awesome.. WE made it sweeties ;)  I look forward to all the adventures we are gonna have together.. Friday is Graduation at 4pm slt.. I hope to see all my friends there cheering me on.. Watch out for my next Frolic ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011


All I can say is AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! lol j/k.. ok so this week I have been preparing for Midterms... Our class is coming to an end.. I love these girls so much ! It has been such an honor to go with them through this journey.  Here is a picture of us at the Victorian Styling Event.  We was grades on this event.  We Rock! Awesome job Ladies. Nicki Vervain, Gabriella Allardyce, Ania Sapphire, Nickle Sparrowtree, Lopez Fairlady, Sakira Mirabella

Also during the week.I got to be judge  for Prom night styling event after my win last week.  This was awesome.. Now i understand totally what they mean by saying it is up to what judge it is.. Because I seen my self critiquing the contestants on my preferences... So lesson learned here....FIND OUT WHO THE JUDGE IS AND WHAT THEY LIKE lol....It was a hard job and when the points start adding up ..so many are so close to each other and having to narrow it down to the winners is hard. But it was a wonderful experience and I was honored to do it and hope I get more chances.

Finally.. to end the week was Midterms.  I was so excited.  I practiced a lot and spent so much real life time trying to be the best in this school.  I found out sad to say... Things go wrong.  Sunday was the big day.  I worked so hard finding just the right outfits and got below the arc recommended and was ready to strut my stuff on the runway.  Teachers are all standing out there to grade us.  The lag became so heavy that I could not get nothing to load , or type, or walk, or even turn camera.... I quickly changing any setting I could trying to ease the lag before it was my turn.  They call my name to come down Beach and i burst through the curtain with such confidence, thinking I'll do the best I can.. I come to my dot and start posing..... Then realize none of it is the poses I need... I hear the judges mumbling about me having the wrong poses..and I get discouraged.. My heart was pounding.. I go backstage all upset and jumbled up and I explain what happened.. They give me another chance.  I go home, I relog, I come back...And KNOW I HAVE IT RIGHT THIS TIME... Once again I go..Hit my dot and all my poses are wrong again..The judge says what is she doing??  I realize I still have it wrong...

So my sweeties, No matter how much you think you have it together.. something might go wrong.  Yes I shed some tears over it.. and I got all jumbled up over it... but the thing is to pull you self together PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON and try again.  We continued over to Dome and I did just that.  Even thought I was composing my self, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.. and I came out of that curtain determined to bring my self back up to standard..and I think I did just that.  The Dome went on without any trouble on my end THANK GOD..lol..Although I disappointed my self, and didn't get to run the Beach correctly,  I hope all the other things will make up for it in my grade...

So good luck all my fellow class mates,, Finales are in these last couple days.. And I wish you all the best!  Stay positive, Don't let negativity bring you down, and follow your dreams.  Thank you so much to Debbiedoo Tigerfish, Nickle Sparrowtree for helping me so much in my hectic time of need.. I love you all so much...xoxoxo Stayed tuned to my next frolic.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Styling Event

WOW I Just won first place in the event tonight for the first time!  Im so excited. Oh love is in the air...tonight the Valentines Styling Event was on and we all looked lovey.. There were so many different kind of styles tonight. Ranging from sexy like Suki Rexen's look.. she looked so sizzling hot!... or there was the looks of the sweet heart like Flora Stipe, makes my heart melt. The tempting style like Ajay Xigalia..grrrrrrrrrrr lol ..or the romantic like my self, so in love, or the cuteness as in Aeon Cristole in her bear...let me hug ya!! I loved this!! so awesome, and fun Aeon! You gatta love it when everyone is loooking their best and sharing the love. I want to thank Steve and Anrol, Laylah and Nickle Sparow tree for all of them taking out their time tonight. Congratulations to all the winners tonight 1st Lopez Fairlayd * yours truely* 2nd Ajay Xiglaia 3rd Aislinn String.. Way to go!! Check out more about each of our outfits at http://classicwstyle.blogspot.com/

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday's Fashion Show at the Dome!

Well I tried to get to the fashion show on time today but it didn't work out.  I forgot the time and in order to not arrive naked i had to find something to wear. Then I couldn't get on the sims because it was full. But when I did arrive.. to my pleasure I see it is at the Dome!! This is the first time I have seen a show there.  It looked so fun.  The CWS Models were showing off the beautiful elegant gowns of designer Dani Plassitz.  She did good work and out of gowns  I seen it seems the Teal was a crowd pleaser.   The finale was awesome.  Dani had them all wear the same flirty spring dress with different colored shoes..  In my neck of the woods we are needing some spring and those outfits did the trick and had me feeling refreshed, happy and beaming thinking of warmer days ahead. Great Job Ms. Dani!

It was so awesome to see our teachers up there doing what they are teaching us.. To see it done how it should be. Although the lag was terribly bad the models rocked it. In my opinion it seems DebbieDoo Tigerfish and Janda Sahara looked to be the best  performers today as for being in sync on the run way You gals were awesome!! I just hope i can do just as good job when i get my chance.  The show was so much fun and I am looking forward the day I get to strut in the Dome! Watch for my next frolic!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Wow tonight was so much fun!! It was ghostly!!!.hahah and guess what? I WON!!! .. it was so great to see all the creavity tonight.  To which the best our winner was Nickle Sparrowtree who was totally invisible!!! So unique! She was affraid she picked wrong cause no one else was... but thats what made her stand out. Great job Girl!!!  All the groans, moans and screams were halarious, and contagious!! Once one of us started the rest chimed in. So in 3rd place was yours truely LOPEZ FAIRLADY 2nd place was ANIA SAPPHIREand 1st place was NICKLE SPARROWTREE!! Way to go Ladies.. This also means that we will be in the end of month fashion show! How exciting! Stay tuned to my next frolic!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tonight I attended the styling event for Indian.  Many things came out as interesting to me.  First..if bling, and heel clicks on shoes are so distracting that it is a known definate no no...then what are poofers... Over and over again i see this happening and wonder why models are doin it at these events. Are they not caring to win..and are just doin it to be fun? Or do they not know that is is not good. Or maybe I do not know the rules on that such things. But to me it makes common sense not to wear them. Let me know what you think. 

Second thing that came to mind during this show was after it was over.  Now.I was told to find somethign that defines you.that is your trademark. somethign you would be known for.  So I get the awesome idea that I would be the only one to put together a pose sequent that would take me down to the floor and back up at least once on the run way.  I spend a fortune picking out the awesome floor poses and kneeling poses..and guess what my score card said tonight?? NEVER DO A KNEELING POSE...sigh lol.. so I learned something today :).  Better late than never right?

On a better note congrats to the winners of the event,1st Meimie Shiu, 2nd Diana Balhaus, and 3rd SD Damiano. Way to go ladies!! Native indian is what came to mind for me tonight..but the winner all graced us with the beautiful silks and costums of INDIANA... so beautiful.  Stay tuned for my next frolic :)


Today we got to go to the all famous Dome at Classic With Style.  We practiced the formation.  Debbie Dootigerfish..oh how sweet she is ...was very patient with us. Our class is very detailed I think..We ask alot of questions.  We are gonna be the best we can be!..

The formation was so much fun.  Although the first stops on stage 1 and 3 seem really short to me and I over shot it each time.  * note to self* practice more **.  I just pray I don't fall off. I have been assured it happens to all .. I guess it will just be how graceful we get up! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  My favorite part about the DOME formation was the final part where 1 and 3 gets to look at each other then exit together. I will be thinking of a virtual high five to my fellow girlfriend..lol.I feel this will be the most fun show to do.. because of the ongoing exchanges. Im excited for my chance up there on the Dome runway. Here is a pic of Debbie and my fellow classmates picking her brain after class today!

Monday, February 7, 2011


 I am now starting to record my adventures of the Fashion World by starting my first Blogg today!! I had my class on it at Classic With Style. Such a fun adventure! This blog spot is soo cool. There was alot of information and there is a lot more to explore with it..Im excited to work on it and keep up on it. Stay tuned for more of my excitign journey!