People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello everyone!! Sorry I know I haven't posted in a while.  But I am so excited to inform you all of my next new frolic.. Its the United* Style Card Fashion Show.    This show has been in the making since March and we are all working hard to pull it all together. This is a show where many different designers come together to put on a historical never been done before fashion event to benefit Relay for Life!  I have the honor of being a model on one of the magnificent teams.  We are all together going to show many different styles and outfit, as well as showing off our designer's talents. The most exciting thing in my opinion is going to be the second day of this event where all the designers collaborate to make a stunning outfit.  The thing is you wont know what designer did which part.. How exciting and Intriguing.. Do you think you could spot the talent while draped on our lovely bodies that day?!  In the end, each team will submit one photo showing off their style and Moolto will vote on the best!!  The designers will donate their new creation on the third day to Relay for Life and sell them in the United Store.  All of this is put together by the United founder Prissy Price who has such a passion for this show its inspiring.. Being a survivor herself.. she has poured her soul into this event and we expect it to be spectacular... Tonight we had a team meeting and laid out the blue print.  My team is MODA HERMOSA (beautiful Vogue in Spanish)  I am so looking forward to being part of this never done before charity drive! So you all stay tuned  for my next frolic and if you would like more information or want to follow along with this historical event you can check out our website at http://www.united-in-style.com/ xoxo