People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Today I would like to feature my newest designer to blog for Lybra!  I'm so excited to showcase these lovely designs. For my first post lay your eyes on this sharp, elegant full length Mesh gown called "Raven".  The silky material flows so gracefully down your body and entices with every move.  The deep V-neck shows off your sensuality while over the shoulder sleeves gives you grace.  Ruffles and flowers in black, accents each shoulder but shown here I choose a one shoulder style.

                         Look how with every pose the gown hugs all your curves for a perfect fit.
You will love how you feel knowing the details of this gown will be the envy of your night.  You can get yours here at the in SL store SaliMar (148,215,502) or on the Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/117643
                                                      Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Take a look at this elegant outfit from LoveCats.  Her stylings are always sexy as you see here with a deep V neck, a bare midriff, and open back.

 Also be daring with a Tango applier.  You will shimmer this Christmas with this Mesh ensemble called "Natalia".  Beautiful velvet looking gown drapes all over your body while the gold trim and designs leaves you looking royal. You even have all the trimmings starting with a poinsettia hair clip.
Included are the seasonal snowflake patterned gold and ruby necklace, earrings, and bracelet.  Don't forget the matching gold studded, peeptoed, mesh, heels.

A wonderfully fitted gown for your special occasion.. Go and get your own here at her in world store. LoveCats Island (99,95,1000) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I would like to Introduce to you my most recent Designer that I feel priveledged to blog for Chellatrix!!! I met the amazingly beautiful Crista Wellens(Chillicalifornia) at the MW Christmas party and now I'm honored to show off her designs. 
First let me show you her THE VICE DRESS-"White Classic". I wanted to create a classic look and keep it pretty simple.  But you do not look plain at all in the perfect fitting Mesh dress.  It hugs your curves in all the right places and had a color band at the knee to englongate your body. You will look timeless in this Style.  I accessorized with HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH hat "Lola" on top of BIZARRE HAIR's "roses" , Classic black heels from REDGRAVE and "Gold teardrops and diamonds" from  ALIENBEAR DESIGN.
The Vice Dress also comes in White Polka.  With this styling I aslo keep a classic look with a bit of flare.. A girl in polka dots is sure to get noticed.  With this look at me look I had add some modern flare with leather knee high boots from Vida and a eyecatching, feathered hat from ALIEDA.  Classic pearls from Ispachi and JK Trends and bangles from Image Reflections.  Classic gloves from H&S.  Make sure you get these high fashion outfits and show off your style here at her Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/150239?id=150239
Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo

Sunday, December 15, 2013


This afternoon I got to do a Runway show for two wonderful designers Sakira Mirabella and Magia Emolite, SMESH and MACI.  We had so much fun and as usual I love hearing the cheers from the crowd when I walk out on that stage.  I also got to experience this show with some of my awesome DMC staff members!  This show was for Models Give Back which is a group for models who feel the need to give back to the community by using their talents to raise money for charity.  Here are some of my stylings!
 Wearing Smesh design Go Baggy Outfit.  This  suit is sure to show off your fashion style with versatility. The grey and brown color and deep Vneck collar, give this outfit some business sense.  but the baggy pants, midriff baring,  sleeveless vest shows OFF your business.  Today I create an edgy, urban casual look as I walk in the stylish, golden, paper textured high heel, work boots.  So many ways to work this outfit dress it up or down. What design could you make? I also accessorised with Jesuis African belly chain, Mandala Takara bangle bracelets,  Bizarre "QT" hair, and Glamorize makeup.
Then wears this casual ensemble mixed matched with both Designers!  Smesh's Mesh Double T-shirt in blue color is just the relaxed fit she wanted.   Not to hot and not too light with this layered crop top look.  Soft cotton warmth to make you comfortable and stylish.  Paired together with Maci's Mesh Suede Mini Skirt.  This little number shows off your beautiful long legs with a peeka boo effect of opened zippers on the front. This skirt can be changed to many different colors!! Don't forget your oh so hip  Maci's Glam Rock Heels!  So fun to wear with a color changing Hud to match up any outfit in your closet.  With this look, you will be the wow of your crowd when you hang out for your friendly gathering. I accessorised with Purple Moon wool scarf, Finesmith's Vision earrings, Gems and Kisses Sumertime bangle, and Tangies_Style Bandanna.

Now  wears Maci's rocking Holiday Outfit! This candy striped corseted dress is perfect for your holiday party.  Complete with all the trimmings of matching Poinsettia choker necklace and ring, Holly decorated garters, gloves, and ring as well. You will feel sexy in this outfit and Sassy with these  Suede High Sneakers from Maci.  These shoes are awesome with a hud that can give you countless options for shoe color designs to fit anything in your wardrobe. So dont just blend into all the Holiday decorations around you ..Stand out and make heads turn. I accessorized with Mayden Couture blond Hair , GA makeup, and Gems and Kisses Night earrings.
Felt great to be out on the Runway again.. You can get some of these outfits by visiting the Smesh Store in world at Holiday Isles (7,228,552) or on the Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/122174?id=122174 and Maci's Store at Holiday Isles (19,235,23) in world or on the Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/97775
Stay tuned to my next Frolic!! xoxo

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Party!

Tonight I had a fun time at the Model Worshop Christmas party! I met alot of new people and made a few designer contacts which I will feature soon!.. First one is Foxie Bluebird who made this awesome Christmas  Elf Iceskates.  They look so cute with candy cane blade and has a smooth skating motion and you walk.  We skated so much round and round on the pond that I was dizzy but laughing.. Good times with good friends!! You can get yours and check our her other items at her MarketPlace store
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/125890 Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Looking for a great Halloween outfit for all you naughty Kitties out there?? Try LoveCat's Lady Sinh Outfit.  This hot, sexy, latex outfit shows off all your curves and all your spots too with the awesome leopard print.  Matching boots as well!!  This hissing outfit also come with the Tango Appliers!  For my special look I added Lovecats Unisex Spiked Neko Collar because I'm not no stray!  Also to show my pride I wear Bizarre Hair's Queen of the Lions.  Stut your stuff and meow all over town, you'll have everyone purring!  Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo LoveCats Island (98,95,1028)

Monday, October 14, 2013


Tonight I grace the ballroom with this lovely new gown from ghee! called Chinoiserie Gown-Dragon D'or. A mesh gown with flexy parts. This gown will turn all eyes on you with its magnificent sparkling tool, whisping around as you move.  Showing off your curves with the long gold and black bodice with woven intricate designs.  A sweetheart neckline with trumpeted ruffles shows your majesty.  I wore a up do by Bliss Hair called Suki and drizzled my skin with the jewels of Chop Zuey's Winterberry set.  I really feel gorgeous in this gown and love how it fits my body and moves with every step.  Off I go to dazzle.. Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo

Monday, September 30, 2013


Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women in the United States. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.  Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event.  Designers will be providing exclusive creations with 100% of the sales going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with a fine selection of their newest and most popular designs donating a percentage as well.  There ONE MORE DAY that is open for the public to SHOP FOR A GOOD CAUSE.. Rock your Rack stores will close at 11:59 on October 1st!  

This year's event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to women of all ages.   
Those who are unable to attend but wish to support the cause, may visit the Model's Giving Back official donation page at  http://www.stayclassy.org/fundraise?fcid=241580   where donations can be made directly using a variety of means.   Go and get your shopping done.. I did!!  Lucky Island (192,44,3002) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Monday, September 23, 2013


Summer isn't over yet!  Where I live its hot this week!  Get out there and enjoy it before it's gone! I traveled to Miami beach for this shot. Wear this cute outfit from LoveCats called Summer Love!  Cute baby doll outfit with tight boy shorts.. All colors of the rainbow.  Be sweet and sassy all at once!  Check out the cute Wedge heels!  It comes with Hud to change skin and toenail colors.  Also included is matching jewelry.  A heart shaped necklace and colorful bangles for each wrist. Also TANGO appliers!! yay!  Get yours here today and get some sun! LoveCats Island (98,95,1029) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxox

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I made it into the September Semi Finals for LivGlam's Glam Girl contest!! I'm so excited!  I have been so busy with my real life and blogging and teaching that it has been a while since I've entered anything.  Now I remember why I used to run ragged doing it all the time before. FEELS GREAT! Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoox

Sunday, September 15, 2013


As everyone knows, one of my favorite things to do in this Fashion Industry is to blog!  Right now I am going out  for one of my favorite shoe designers, N-Core.  Here are some of my N-Core shoes and I really hope I get to blog for them it would be such an honor.  So wish me luck and stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo
 This first pair was a group gift that I received called Coquette Platform Wild Edition, This leopard print is sure to bring out the animalistic sexiness of your outfit!
 Another pair that I have was also a group gift called Lulu in red color.  One thing I love is the option to use the HUD to wear many different kinds of pantyhose.  This day I show off some fishnets.
 This boots I love for Fall which is right around the corner for me.  These were also a group gift called ECLISPE Brown Edition.  This high heeled ankle boots look great with a pair of jeans for those chiller nights.
 These I actually did buy!  Love this color! The OBSESSION Xtreme Heel II in Aqua color.  N-Core shoes always fit so nice and have so many varieties of nail polishes on their HUD.  A real quality shoe!
Last but not least I actually bought these as well, my favorite pair so far SOUL Extreme Heel II in Caramel color.  Such a Chic shoe!.. With the HUD you can change so many things on this shoe, such as the color of the jewels on the front, the chain color, the heel color and of course toenail colors.

N-Core also has a pair of Roller Skates that I happen to own and love as well!  So many awesome designs to choose from and beautiful craftsmanship on every pair of shoes. Go there and check them out for yourself and grab a pair of your own here  Heels (163,127,25)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today I floated around in the clouds being a heavenly angel in LoveCats outfit Celestial outfit.  Not only do you feel heavenly but it makes your body look heavenly as well.  Easy adjustable prims that make the outfit fit great and snug against your body and beautiful delicate lace hiding your special parts. Included in this outfit is matching bracelets, garters, halo, and wings.  Don't forget the matching boots! Knee high lace up high heel boots! A ballerina point and Lacy tassels on the back! Lovely!! Be an angel today and get yours here! LoveCats Island (98,95,1029) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Today I explored the grid wearing my Lovecats, partial Mesh,  BabyDoll outfit.  I got kicked out of one place too because I didn't have some kind of meter lol.. ah the things I go through to find a shot..  Featured here is the dirty version of the outfit. It comes in a clean version too that is more white on the collar and stripes. You got a short halter with a holster and guns, canteen, sword to protect your self, a flirty school girl looking skirt, thigh high stockings and matching shoes! This outfit also come with Tango Appliers!!  Cute outfit that fits really well.  I really did feel like a young girl lost in some weird world trying to take care of myself lol.
 Also from Lovecats is the BabyDoll Avatar.  The original version in the pic above, but guess what?? Its modifiable!  So here is my version of turning the BabyDoll into a model! It comes with eyes, skin, shape, lashes and hair!  Get these outfits here LoveCats Island (98,95,1028) Create your own look and go on your own adventure! Please leave me a comment and tell me about yours!  Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo


Check out this Mesh outfit from Lovecats called Minerva.. in orange color. The one shoulder tube top shows off that midriff and a flowing long skirt dances around your feet.  This reminds me of a belly dancer.  Also included is the matching jewelry!  Red/orange beads draped around your neck and silver wrapping  your wrist and arm.  Accent your waist with this dangling belly chain.  Don't forget your matching sandals! It also comes in Pink, Purple, and Teal.  Heat up your night or Harem and get yours here LoveCats Island (98,95,1028)

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Look at these hairdo's ready at Hair Fair!  Hair Fair is going on till July 28th and you can get Bizarre while your there!  Proceeds go to Charity for WIGS FOR KIDS so feel good while shopping!  First look at the elegant "Chandelier"  Light  up your night in your favorite gown and show off the included stunning beads around your neck, wrist and hair!  Black teardrop earrings drizzle from your earlobes.. All included along with of course 20 different colors and hairbases!  What a  stunning even to earn some money for children with cancer.

 This next hair do is awesome for you intellects, teacher, magicians, or witches. Really show of your style by wearing "Eagle of Spells"  Included is this awesome Mesh outfit!  Skirt with matching v neck jacket to show off the included choker necklace.  The long tail of the jacket flows behind the buckled up knee high boots! what a deal!  Stories and Tales are what gets a lot of these children in the hospital through the day and keep their spirits up.

 Next get all your feeling worked up thinking about the children with cancer who need wigs during their rehab.  This hairdo "Emotion" shows a solemn woman atop your head like a garden statue.. Included with this set is matching green colored layered necklace and diamond shaped earrings.  The vines wrapped around your head in a beautiful scenery that has even had a birdcage with a little friend inside.
Think of the music and the happy times and show off the celebration when these patients pull through this rough time and live again.  "Musica" shows off the notes in a perfection sculpture of hair.  Matching earrings and choker necklace keeps the melody going.  Keep your mood up to beat with this style.
Finally but not least "Roots" is a hairstyle that is Mohawk style with twigs for bangs.  Family and friends are the roots that stand beside these cancer patients in this rough time and give them hope and faith they will get better.  Rock out your roots with this style.
Each of these styles can fit into many different genre's in your life and wardrobe.  At this time of year and for this event I like to keep my thoughts in a good place for a good cause.  I hope you make a difference. You still have three days left so go and get yours!  Bizarre Hair is now operating with a Hair Hud that will help you change your hair color and you can get your here at Hair Fair 2013  Hair Fair 2 (129,200,587) or visit the main store Incubus (91,192,62) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I hope everyone s having a wonderful Summer so far.  I hope you see lots of butterflies in your garden too!  Check out this Bizarre Hair do  called "Butterfly Effect".  This sweet dainty butterflies emit all around you from their woven cage on top your head!  It comes in 20 different colors and hairbases!
What is even better.. look at this matching outfit!  Cute Summer halter and miniskirt with matching boots!  Sweet butterflies embroidered all over it!  Don't miss this Hot deal! Go get yours here!
[BiZaRRe HaiR], Incubus  (26, 223, 63)


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Look at this flirty new summer dress from LoveCats called "Wish you were here".. this lovely halter top dress feels so good as you walk with the fun lightweight layers bouncing and playing around your body as you walk.  It also comes with a matching Necklace and Shoes!..  If you want this cool dress go and get yours here.  LoveCats Island (99,95,1000).. Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Check out this wild style from Bizarre called Queen of the Lions!.. I decided to  go totally wild with this styling and put together a lot of animal prints. Zebra, leopard, birds. fox, lol.  I am wearing Platinum color, but remember it comes with 20 different hair colors and matching hairbases!  Be fierce like the lion and get your hairdo here ! Be an animal! Junlong (174,39,51) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Check out this Valentine Outfit.. A little darker than your traditional Cupid.. This one is for all you who have been broken hearted out there.. This is "Wicked Cupid" from LoveCats. Complete with hair and shoes, and props!.. I wore HUSH Valentine skin group gift and Purple Moon's Cherry Hunt Gift of necklace and earrings.  I LOVE FREE STUFF lol.Run down and get yours and start breaking hearts!.. Oh and I got the broken heart from Vero Modero. LoveCats Island (98,95,1028) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xooxox

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! I love you all so much!! I hope you if you have someone who loves you this Holiday that you cherish it!  Check out my outrageous outfit! With sYs awesome "Candy skin" again. I took the top of a last year Valentine day gift, Gizza gown and wore sparkling pants from Mimikri. The sequence just took me over lol.  I accessorized with Finesmith Jewelry, "Heart Catcher", "Trapped" earrings and another Finesmith previous year Gift necklace,  Mandala belt and nails, and Mary Jane Shoes II Pink.  Id love to see what you can piece together for your sweetheart look!
 Last but not least the main attraction here is Bizarra Hair's "Sweetheart" Hair!  I'm wearing Platinum color. Perfect to show off your big heart! hehe .. Come in 20 different colors and matching hairbases! Go and get yours before the big day here and stay tuned to my next Frolic!! xoxo Junlong (174,39,51)

Monday, February 11, 2013


Look at this awesome style called Mystic from Bizarre Hair!  Be sophisticated, be intricate  be sexy.. make up your own style with the beautiful piece of art  updo.  Remember it comes in 17 different colors and matching hairbases!  I styled mine with a little oriental look some wonderful painted skin from [sYs]  Candy skin, and sexy top from .Shi called Chinoi. Run and get your hair here! Junlong (174,39,51) Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Look at this lovely new outfit from LoveCats called Chandraja.  Beautiful teal and gold colors wrap around your body as you softly move around in your world.  An excellent choice of silks for you subs out there or a eye catching costume for you belly dancers.  Also included are this exquist jewlery.  Earrings, neclace, bracelets, anklets, nose ring, chain and diadem. I feel like I am so graceful when I walk in this outfit.. Go and get yours at   LoveCats Island (98,95,1028). Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo