People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Tonight after you get done with you celebration, have a little celebration in the bedroom!  This sexy little number from Lovecats, is called "Wrap me up" in Blue.  This outfit also comes in colors of Red, Green and Purple. I think  you would have more fun unwrapping me! Strappy slink high heels that wrap all the way to your thigh, arm wraps, a cute bow tie thong, top and collar. 
Also included with this outfit is a color coordinated Santa hat.  This outfit is mesh and has appliers for physique and an Omega applier for the leg wraps. So there are two great occasion to wear this.  Tease the eye of your lover with Lovecats and bring in the New Year with some exciting fun!  Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo

Outfit: Lovecats "Wrap me up" Blue
Hair:Sentinus "Britney" color hud


It has been unseasonably warm here where I live and I can't believe I am saying or thinking it, but.. I miss the snow!  Playing in it is one of my favorite things.  I am prepared for when it gets here with new items from Ghee! Perfect fitting "skinny jeans" in Carbon color, hug my curves and fit perfectly into my Marsala colored Ghee "Snugg boots".(with option for warm socks)
When the snow is this piled up, it makes it so easy to make snowmen and snowballs.  I won't be cold with Ghee's "Winter Wooly Fitmesh Sweater" in Green, or the "Winter Mittens" in tan.  You will be cozy while you play and laugh.  Invite a few friends over because this outfit comes in assorted colors for all items.  What a great way to show off this Winter.  You can find these Items at the Ghee mainstore on the second floor.  Bundle up with Ghee and don't be caught out in the cold! 
Stay tuned for my next Frolic! xoxoxo 

Sweater: Ghee "Winter Wooly" Green
Pants: Ghee "Skinny Jeans" Carbon
Boots: Ghee "Snugg Boots and Socks" Marsala
Mitten: Ghee "Winter Mittens" Tan
Hair: Vanity Hair "Kissing a Frog" Blonds

Monday, December 28, 2015


What a fun dress!! I really had a great time prancing around today while I shopped. It is so cute and flirty.  This little mini dress by Ghee is called "Slinky Cocktail Set" in Slate color.

  It is a set, because it also comes with Slink high slate colored pumps,with a cute little bow on the back.

This outfit drapes your body in the best way. Shorter in the front a tad longer in the back, but no too much because it is mini! Don't worry ladies there are matching undies to cover up. 

The wide straps keep gives you a secure fit, but all the cutouts show off the fun curves of your body. This outfit also comes with Fitted Mesh, and appliers for Slink and Maitreya bodies. 

From the front you see a cute dress, then with just a slight turn.. you see kinky! Oh it makes me blush!  It is so fun to wear and soft and silky feeling as well.

  Guess what? It could be yours for free if you hurry on down to the mainstore and grab this for your December gift!  But the month is almost over so don't forget! You must be a group member to get it so make sure you join.  Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo

OUTFIT: GHEE "Slinky Cocktail Set" Slate
Hair:TRUTH "Georgina"Champagne
Jewelry: Ganked "Adrift" (retired)
Blush: Amacci "High Blush Tattoo" Rose
Eyeshadow: F&T Junky "Blue Blossom Eyeshadow" (retired)

Monday, December 7, 2015


Take a look at Smesh, "Brown and Yellow Warm Autumn".  This is just the right outfit for a day out with the girlfriends. Low waisted, brown, legging pants, that just fit like a glove and hug your body with every move. Not uncomfortably tight but a snuggling fit. A bright yellow crop top that shows off your midriff ,and sexy, fun side.  Also included is a rolled up, three quarter sleeved, tapered, brown cardigan, to keep you warm in the chilly air.  It is just comfortable enough to not have to lug around a coat.  Perfect for a day out shopping.  Keep your hand free for the bags.  So here I sit waiting for my friends to pick me up and get out on the town.  You don't have to be frumpy,  doll it up with your favorite jewelry or hairstyle.

This mesh outfit is a perfect fit, and also comes with Slink high, open toe, ankle boots.  They are so cool and fashionable with awesome details, and are golden yellow to match your top.

So are you looking for a casual outfit for your day out? Run on over to Smesh and get yours today. This outfit also comes in colors of Black and Pink, and Soybean and Black.  Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxoo

Outfit- Smesh "Brown and Yellow Warm Autumn"
Jewlery-Finesmith "BangBang Gold Soc" necklace and bracelet
Hair-Vanity Hair "Momo" Blonde
Purse-Ghee "Portia" Color Hud

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Please, don't forget to get your November VIP Gift from Ghee.  The end of the month is almost here and you can not live without this sweet, "Taffeta Dress".  Charcoal black with a hot red underlining, gives a big bang of surprise when you move.  Feel flirty, and classy in this strapless short outfit.  Red roses give a great eye popping accent to your tiny waist, while the skirt flares out with style. 

A perfect fit with the same stunning, red color, is Ghee's "T-bar heels" made for Slink high feet. So run on down to the main store and grab it! It's free!  Put on a little red lipstic and live a little with Ghee! Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Dress- Ghee "Taffeta Dress"
Shoes- Ghee "Tbar heels"
Hair- Sentinus "Cool Hair" Color Hud
Lipstick- Retired

Monday, November 16, 2015


Here is the latest update on the Miss Vero Modero 2016 Contest that I am in.. This is Challenge number 3 and it is a photo challenge.  We are to be inspired by Alexander Mcqeen to express a feeling or emotion in our pic and outfit.  Please go to FLICKR and Fav my photo because the one with the most Fav's gets extra points! I hope you like it and wish me luck! Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxo

She is Insane. Locked away in her room, she dreams.  There is no way for her to live in the outside world. Her mouth is silenced with VM Line Makeup, her hands restrained by VM "Asylum" and "leather belts", and her body caged up in VM's "African Queen banded belts..
 Every day and night she paces and imagines that one day she could get free. She constantly cries tears of disappointment and has fits of rage, of the way her life has turned out, staining and reddening her face of VM "Asia" skin.
 She let the fame of success get to her head and went off the deep end. Once she was a role model for all to look up to and now she is uncared for, with her tattered VM :Asylum" dress and VM's "Mistwalker Gown Skirt.". Her skin pale and malnourished, her body deprived.  Her hair,  long ratty and in desperate need of a cut.
 Inside her soul longs to soar from this hell.  It is ingrained in her to try and showcase class and style, even though it has passed her by.  When her mind is well for some moments, you can catch her modeling her poses in the mirror, looking past the insanity that she now is, and finding, somehow, beauty in herself once again.

Outfit-Vero Modero "Asylum Girl without head" Cream
Skirt-Vero Modero "Mistwalker Gown"
Skin-Vero Modero "Asia"(face)
Waist cage-Vero Modero "African Queen banded belt"
Collar-Vero Modero "Asylum Girl leather belts"
Makeup-Vero Modero" Line makeup (5)"
            -Nefertiti Kimagawa "Neffy's Infection 2"
            -Miamai LesMakeups "Winterfae 01"
Hair-LeLutka "Blake" marilyn
Head and shoulder pieces-Zibska"Aderyn"

Friday, November 13, 2015


Here is my entries for our Runway Challenge in Miss VERO MODERO 2016.  Please Also go to my Flickr and Fav my photo there. FLICKR FLICKR
The Inspiration for this look was a winter fairy who lives in the woods.  She is sexy and intimidating. You would think for a fairy that she is dainty but she is strong with antlers to prove it.  She lives off the land, keeping warm from the animals in which she shares her home. A warm vest and sleeves made from their fur, a skirt insulated with feathers, leather from their hides to make a strappy top and belt.  She has mystical powers to make it frost and turn hearts. Her wings are of snow and her breath is cold as ice. Beware, don't be fooled by her beautiful presence, if you shall ever catch a glimpse,  look away for she is evel as can be and will blow wind your way that will frost over your heart and leave you cold as stone, never to love again..

Skirt-VERO MODERO "Victory Skirt"
Train-Vero Modero "Vicory Gown Feather Skirt"
Undershirt-Ver Modero "Peri"
Shirt-Vero Modero "Peri Jacet Base"
Jacket-Vero Modero "Fur Coat Bottom" January Group Gift (moved upward with parts of belt made transparant"
Sleeves-Vero Modero "Mullido Jacet Set" Cream
Necklace-Vero Modero "Gold Cord Necklace"
Hair-Truth "Lori" Champagne
Ears-Epic "Elfy Ears"
Antlers-Epic "Mysthic Sparkle Antlers
Wings-UNKOWN "Snowflake fairy"
Eyeshado-Zibska "Arzu Frost" 04
                   Aleida "I make up 4" white
Eyeliner-Delineador "Egipsio Fiat Lux'
Blush-Amacci "Classic Blush Tattoo" Cedar
Face Jewels- KK "bindi bridal"
Effects-PS "Iced Breath"

What inspired me to for this look was the grand, flow and train of this gown.  The ruffles of the collar gave a regal look that fit the feeling of event perfectly.  Every woman should feel like a queen on her big day. The feathers on the hips twisted it to an avant gard flare in which I also displayed with a masterpiece on my head.  The veil was style to mimic the hair perfectly.  White for purity, red for love, and black for Avante Gard. All eyes will be on you, as they should be on your Wedding day.   

Skirt- VERO MODERO "Eda Skirt" (color changed to red and panels arranged)
Bodice and Leggings-Vero Modero "Athena Bridal" Pant and top
Collar- Vero Modero "Alii Frills" White
Veil-Vero Modero "Ephesus Bridal"
Hair-MADesigns Hair "Toya" Black
Hairbase-dDx "Skunk Hairbase"
Eyeshadow-Cain "Ghostly shadow"
                   F&TJ "Grace Shadow"
                   Lizas "Ice queen eyeshadow 1"
Lips-[LD] Cosmetics "Luxe Lips"- Ruby
Blush-Amacci "High Blush Tattoo" mauve
Shoes-N-Core "Hypnose Milan Shoes"
Earrings- LW "Exaltation Earrings" black and white
Bracelet-LW "Exaltation Bracelet" black and white
Engagement Ring-JCNY "Davinci Hyper Genms"

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Run on down to Fad and get the new sophisticated look from Ghee called "Sherlock Suit" in Viridian color.  This perfectly, fitting mesh suit, hugs all your curves with a long pencil skirt.  A wrap vest over a sexy corset gives the the illusion of being slim and tall.  It also gives a delicious peek a boo of your cleavage under the cropped shawl.  This outfit fits Fad's Cycle 6 them of Wrap up and Fall down.  This greenish color is so warm and inviting making you look like the smartest girl in town. There is also mesh body applier for Maitreya.

Also there are Ghee's "Fall 14 T-bar Heels" In Viridian color.  Cute, leather, high slink heels with crocodile detail imprinted all over in a fabulous patterned.

This is available at the FAd event until November 25th so don't miss it. Other colors in this outfit will be available at the main store after the event. Stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoox

Outfit-Ghee "Sherlock Suit" Viridian
Shoes-Ghee "Fall 14 T-bar Heels" Viridian
Hair-Truth Hair "Georgina" Champagne

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


What a great outfit just in time for Halloween.  Check out the new outfit from Ghee called "Gothika".  Available now at the Instruments.  You can play with this design and make so many creepy looks.  This outfit comes complete with jacket, hood, and matching knee high boots.  A wonderful jeweled oversize cross on the shirt dazzles and skin tight leather pants slim the legs.  A long jacket and hood brings in the dark side with textures that remind me of cobwebs.  This outfit also comes in other colors such as Sanguine, Nightshade, Hemlock and shown here is Noir.  Let me see your creepy look and stay tuned to my next Frolic xoxoxo.

Outifit- Ghee "Gothika" Noir
Hair- Argrace "Hikari" Platinum
Makeup Delizio "La Dia de Los Muertos" Black

Friday, October 23, 2015

Miss Vero Modero 2016 Beach Challenge

Ok.. So.... I didn't place is the Miss Kelini 2016 contest.  Although it was fun and an honor to be a candidate.  I think the mistake of lag making my alternate shape not come on and having my boobs stick our on my runway walk in challenge 2 had a lot to do with it! ughhh lol.  So on to the next Frolic!  

Here are my entries for my next contest, Miss Vero Modero 2016.  Please Go and see the pic at the Miss [VM] Vero Modero Official Flickr to See, Fave, and Comment.  Thank you all for your support and Love as I go through this challenge. 

Stay tuned for my next Frolic xooxxoxo

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Miss K E L I N I Contest!

The challenges are on.  We are in a battle for Miss Kelini 2015.  To start it all out, we have a picture challenge with one of Kelini's new releases called "Modern Baroque".  In this pic I am roaming the castle in the short gown with a luxurious gathered skirt and train that makes you looks so elegant.  The halter style top is embroidered with rich gold pattern that will make you feel like a queen.  Please go on over to my Flickr and give it a like and support me on my next Frolic! xoxoox

Gown-Kelini "Modern Baroque" Pink and Gold
Hair- enVogue Hair "Layka"
Shoes- Sheeba Creations "Evian Heel" Color Hud
Jewelery- Lazuri "Spring Bracelet and Earrings"
Headpiece- Ghee "Sugar Plum"

Friday, October 2, 2015


ooO It is hot as hell in this new outfit from Ghee called "Fright Night Dress" On sale tonight for only $25L! A sleeveless, floor length dress ,that is sinfully tight showing all your curves. 

This outfit has a devilish decal with color blocking black and red that will instantly slim your figure.  You can't help but be smoldering sexy in "Fright Night!"  Get it while its on sale! Halloween is right around the corner so what a perfect add to your collection.

Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Dress-Ghee-"Fright Night Dress" 
Headpiece-Finesmith-"Black Bride" Giftie
Shoes-Sentinus-"Paris High Heel Shoe" Black
Bracelet-JND's-"Shiny Gloss Jewelry" retired
Pose-Posesion "Corazon 3"

Monday, September 28, 2015


Is the last day September 28th, so run on down to the Instruments and get these two exclusive items from Ghee.  First is the outfit "Damyanti"set in Cerulean color.  The long flowing skirt looks so beautifully textured with flower patterned top, sarong, and flowing skirt. 

  Included is matching jewelery set, with a jeweled headpiece, dangly bracelets, and golden earrings.  

When I see these outfits I think of India and you can be stylish, with a traditional flare. The next is the outfit "Scheherazade" in Freesia color. A short sleeved crop top and hi waisted cut out flowy pants.  Trim and matching slink shoes for Mid feet are showing off the flower decor again.

Included in this outfit is matching necklace, bracelet and earrings(not shown)

Get inspired with Ghee at the Instruments. Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Outfit 1-Ghee "Damyanti" Cerulean color
Hair-.+*Kibt*+.Pearl [MS]
Eyeshadow-Zibska "Swoo" Blue, "Altjo" Sea Blue

Outfit 2-Ghee"Scheherazade" Freesia color
Hair-Sentinus Design "Cool Hair" color Hud

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Today is the day!!! The two week event to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! I am actually walking the runway in Show #1 and Show # 6.  I would love for you to come out and show your support and cheer me on and of course all outfits are made so that when you buy them the money is donated to the cause!! yay!  I'm going to be wearing some great outfits for you all to see. Here is the landmark for you to join me in the audience for both shows!
Show #1 is Today Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 11 am slt and Show #6 is Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 1 pm slt.  Of course see me there and also enjoy all the other events and shows and help make a difference. I pray we surpass the donations that we did last year! Let's do this!  A big thank you and love for Jamee Binder and all the participators in this event who have worked hard out of kindness of their own hearts donating their time and efforts, for this special cause.

Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women. 1 in 8 women, and an every increasing percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.

Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.

This year's event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to anyone in need. 

The 2015 event is on three sims and involves 64 designers including 4 Platinum Sponsors: Ever An' Angel, Lybra, PurpleMoon, and Sky.  Along with these designers, 5 Live Musical Artists, 1 dance team and 5 DJs will provide entertainment throughout the two week long Event.

Events during the fundraiser include 8 fashion shows, 6 live musical concerts, a performance by the Shadow's Silhouette Dancers, DJ dance parties, a 10L Hunt, Silent Auction areas, and more.  Designers will be providing exclusive creations with 100% of the sales of those items going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with a fine selection of the newest and most popular designs donating a percentage as well.  

For a complete listing of events and more details on this year's event, please visit the website: 

This year's event officially opens to the public on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 12:00am SLT and will close at 11:59pm SLT on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

Together we can make a difference!

Those who are unable to attend but wish to support the cause, may visit the 
MODELS GIVING BACK OFFICAL DONATION PAGE where donations can be made directly using a variety of means. 

About Models Giving Back

Models Giving Back is an agency of professional, certified SecondLife models who give of their time and talents to raise funds for legitimate and verified SL and RL charities.  

Models Giving Back was founded in October of 2012 by Jamee Sandalwood after a previous agency dedicated to charity work was forced to close due to the owner leaving SecondLife.  Jamee felt the work that was being done needed to be continued and set out to lead the models that were already a part of the former agency into new and bigger endeavors at the newly created Models Giving Back. 

To date the agency has partnered with dozens of designers and provided models for runway, print and other functions that support charities around SL.

Rock Your Rack is the creation of Jamee Sandalwood and is owned exclusively by Models Giving Back in SecondLife.

Models Giving Back CEO:  Jamee Sandalwood

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by breast cancer survivor, Janelle Hail.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1980 at the age of 34.  At the time of her diagnosis, there was little information about the disease, and she was forced to make a decision about her health with few options.  After her treatment, Janelle made a commitment to help women around the world by educating them about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.  NBCF’s mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need.  This mission includes increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need, and providing nurturing support services.  

Stay tuned for my next Frolic! xoxxoox

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I'm feeling futuristic sexy in Lovecats "Havoc" outfit.  Tight leather, so close to my skin. Straps pulled taunt revealing one side and long sleeved on the other.  The best of both worlds here.  This outfit can fit classic avatars, and comes with Slink Physique, TMP, and omega appliers for mesh bodies. 

Low cut hip hugger leather pants, accents your long legs with straps and studs on the knee caps. You're seductive from the front to the back. Lovecats always gives you a dangerous, sexy look.

Included are these awesome Mesh, studded, leather, platform boots, a wide studded belt, futuristic visor and open finger gloves that have a slink applier.

Time warp the minds of others, feeling confident as you capture their eyes. Stay tuned to my next Frolic! xoxoxo

Outfit-Lovecats "Havoc"
Hair-Elikatira "Wish" blonde
Lipstick-Pink Acid Lip Essential Lipstick "Cosmos" gift
Poses- Corpus

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ghee at FAD!

 Today I'm prancing around the sims at Dallas Modeling Academy, wearing the dress from Ghee  for the FAD event called "Deidre", running this round until September 28th.  This halter style is just so cute and comfortable.  Short in the front and long in the back, it is flirty as well.  A fashionable ensemble that also comes with a leather belt.  I love this Burgundy color and think it is a perfect transition into fall.

For those of you who are still on the beach soaking up the last rays of summer there is a sunny version of "Deidre" in the color Whip. Radiant yellows accent the dress and patterns of palms still keep the mood of summer.

Ghee also has available an adorable pearl necklace with a ribbon bow.  It comes with a color changing hud to match your dress!  Also fabulous button strapped,  leather heels that also can be color coordinated to match your dress.  That's not it!  You can get Ghee's Slink nail hud as well, made with exclusive colors for this line. So go on down to the event and check out the other color of Zinn, Sorrel and Clam. Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxo

Event- FAD
Outfit- Ghee "Deidre" Burgundy and Whip
Necklace- Ghee "Deidre"
Shoes- Ghee "Deidre Heels" Burgundy and Whip
Hair 1- LeLutka "RyKeil" Marilyn
Hair 2- Sentinus Hair "Violetta"
Sunglasses- Finesmith "Bang Bang Sunglasses" Yellow Gold

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I'm so excited and honored to have the opportunity to blog the amazing designs of Heth Haute Couture. This designer was granted Best Designer 2015 in the SL Fashion Awards, and nominated 8 times in the Avi Choice Awards!  When I saw his slogan "Catering to individuals with a more discerning taste in fashion", I knew this journey was going to be fabulous! 

 So let me show you my first item. "Letizia",  the September Group Gift!  It's so gorgeous it looks like its made for a Queen. This strapless gown fits like a glove, accenting your bust with pleats, a form fitting waist, and a floor length billowing skirt.  Red and porcelain colored, silk and satin with exquisite embroideries, will definitely be making you feel royal.

Hold your head high and prance around your event while your matching shawl billows, your chained jeweled belt sparkles and detailed seams shine in gold.   No one can be more regal than you in this haute gown. Perfect for the feeling I have, being given the honor of blogging for this designer.

Its free if your a Group Member! So run on down and get it before it's gone! Check out the other beautiful gowns and pick up a gift even if your not a member!
Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Gown-Heth Haute Couture "Letizia"
Hair-Bliss Hair "Verbena" (retired)
Earrings-Alba2 Rossini "Spring Gold" (retired)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ghee Summer Daisy Hunt and Flickr Contest!

Only 3 hours left for you to turn in your fabulous pics for Ghee's Summer Hunt Contest. These amazing items are in the Ghee Mainstore for only 10L each!  Run around collecting the flowers and style it up. Fun summer separates with plenty of variety to make up for your own style.  Capris, vest top, crop top, sunglasses, slink nail hud, shorts, jumpers. Available in Coral, Daisy print, white and Navy.  So don't forget! Get those submissions in before midnight tonight!

Here I am chilling on the docks..

Thinking about going for a drive on the beach.

Watching the hot surfers! Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Event-Ghee Summer Daisy Chain Hunt and Flickr Contest
Outfits-Ghee Daisy Chain Hunt

Friday, August 7, 2015


New from Lovecats is exotic "Jalilah". This silky ensemble is cool and light.  Showing off your upper body with a cut out, sweet heart style, corseted top.  Trimmings in silver give you a gladiator look that shimmers.  Soft, flowing. wide silk pants style it up and wrap tight at the ankles. Comfy and sexy together.  

Included in this outfit are matching necklace, bracelets and shoes for high Slink feet. It is available in a variety of colors as shown here is white and pink, also red, purple, black and teal.

Run on down to Lovecats and get yours and stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxox

Outfit1- Lovecats "Jalilah" White
Hair-Diva Hair "Tomoko" Catseye
Eye Ornament - Finesmith "Desire Lash Jewel"
Lipstick- LD Cosmetics "Luxe Lips" Plantinum

Outfit2  - Lovecats "Jalilah" Pink
Hair - Bliss Hair "Destiny" Champagne (retired)
Lipstick- F&TJ "Soft Pink Lady Lips" (retired)

Ghee at the Aloha Fair!

Here is the exclusive from Ghee now at the Aloha Fair until August 10th. A complete outfit for $275L.  This sexy.little. rigged mesh, string, half top comes with a variety of color on a Hud.  The rigged mesh, bikini cut shorts also have a color hud to get the exact shade of jeans that you like. Surprise everyone with a color hud to also change up your thong, and unrigged mesh fitting flip flops.  This is perfect outfit to wear out on your day on the beach and be able to switch it up to be perfectly your color.

You also want to check out the other items available from Ghee at the fair including a wrap swimsuit, wrapped tops, ruffled tops, micro minis, wide beach pants, open camis, ripped tee, sunglasses and sandals!  A wonderful mix and match line that will make your summer.

A few little extras is a Slink Nail hud that will give you a lot of selection to change your nails to match any of the styles you conjure up.  Also Ghee had a Dollarbee gift of sparkly bangles to match the collection as well.  So much fun this summer so run on down to the Aloha Fair and get some!
Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Event-Aloha Fair
Complete Outfit-Ghee "Aloha Exclusive" 
Hair-Hair Influence "Kristine" Blonde
Eyeshadow- SHYMS "Passion Makeup" Amazone blue
Lipstick- F&TJ "Rikki Red Lip Color" (retired)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ghee at the Instruments!

Do you ever feel like a storm? Feeling strong, raged, powerful, or amazing? Well now you can be the storm!  Check out the new release at the Instruments from Ghee called "Mari" in Amethyst.  In my pics I felt sexy in this open, strappy back gown, walking in the storm every where I went.  No one dare approach me because I was electrifying!  Show off your mood as I did with my sleek, flattened hair, and running mascara as I got soaked in the fashion.

This form fitting, strapless, sweetheart style, mermaid gown hugs all your curves and is drenched with animations all over the dress of rain.

Included in this gorgeous gown, is a treacherous storm cloud that thunders and hails down streaks of lightning all around you. Color coordinated to your dress!

A puddle of rain splashes and dances all around  your feet.  Also included in this outfit are silk ribbons that wrap elegantly around your bare foot, for high slink feet.

You are definitely a force to be reckoned with when you wear "Mari".  Available in three colors of Amethyst, Hematite, and Aquamarine for a limited time at the Instruments till August 6th.  So hurry and go and get yours!! 
Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Event- The Instruments
Outift-Ghee "Mari"- Amethyst
Hair- Hair Influence "Fiona" Blonde
Tears- Spectrals "Crying Games" Mascara Gift
Lipstick - LD Cosmetics "Luxe Lips" Fuscia

Friday, July 31, 2015

Ghee at Sneak Peak!

As seen in iNOVARE Magazine, worn by Ghee Girl 2015 Astralia, on the cover! The New Exclusive  from Ghee at Solaris Sneak Peek, "Prawn This Way" is a complete outfit, inspired by the incomparable Lady Gaga. All included is a striking 2 part Prawn Head Piece, funnel neck cropped top, booted leggings, leather nail gloves, and tattoo layer eyeshadow. 

Soft pink, quilted, patterned material makes a nice, comfortable outfit.  Sexy booted pants fit like a second skin on my long, luxurious legs.

 Feel like a delicacy when you wear Prawn and make yourself the dish for the night.

Available at Solaris Sneak Peek till August 5th. Run out and get it!
Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoox

Outfit-Ghee "Prawn This Way"
Lipstick- Pink Acid "Lip Essentials Lipstick"-Cosmos
Hair-Bizarre Hair "Pearl"
Earrings-Ricielli "Magnolia"