People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Evana Shape and  Skins! Check out this beautifully stunning, shape and Skin! Curvy and soft.. sexy and Sophisticated.. this look is sure to get you noticed!
                                           Evana Skin  and Shape in Pale color!

                                                    Evana Skin and Shape in Fair color!

                                                   Evana Skin and Shape in Sunkiss color!

                                                   Evana Skin and Shape in Tanned color!

                                                   Evana Skin and Shape in Dark color!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A magical couture designs from VERO MODERO,
Visit your childhood where there are no limits to the imagination! Check out these awesome ensembles!  Wanna be the ring leader?? Try Maalik Mujer! This royal red breasted  jacket with with a commanding headdress will put you in the mood.

Want to be the Center of attention?  Try Eda! Wear this stunning flowing gown with a dazzling, black bodice, and a fun hat! It moves so elegantly.
 Wanna be the daring trainer?? Try the Sirk Set!.. This striped number with a sexy corset is just what you need to keep the order.

Maybe your the clown of the bunch.. Try Alii Red and White!. you'll dance the place all around making smiles on everyone you encounter with this sexy ruffled number.

 Maybe you are the temptress!  Try the Cross Set!  This body hugging laced up outfit will keep all eyes on you in your entertainment.

These outfits are so fun and such quality it will make the perfect outfits for the Circus in your life.. Visit the Main Store to get yours and stay tuned to my next frolic. oxxoxo http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vero%20Modero/126/137/30

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone! I've been so busy working and  going out for so many contest!  But here I just went to a casting for Beauty Posh with a casual chic look.  I didn't make the cut but our lovely sis Sakira Mirabella did!! Congrats Sis!! GREAT JOB!.. anyhow I wanted to share with you my outfit.
Butterfly Effect- trendy jeans
A&A Fashion Poncho in brown/honey
Mandala Takara bangel and Saicho Belt brown circle
Analog Dog Hair- upshaw
Bootgasm Eskimo boots brown
Kalnins Sunglasses
LoveCats Undershirt from Halloween group gift
Stay tuned to my next frolic! xoxoxo

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Just in time for the release of the new Twilight Movie Breaking Dawn!! LoveCats releases this Twilight Gift for the Twilight Saga Hunt! Get on down there and get your sexy sultry Vampire outfit for Men and Women!  It even comes with shoes!  Are you team Edward or Team Jacob?? doesn't matter, you'll still look great! Happy Hunting!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/LoveCats%20Island/87/95/1000 Stay tuned to my next frolic xoxo

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello everyone! Tonight I did the Classic With Style, styling event String Bikini! It was so much fun seeing everyone half naked lol.. I won first place along with  2nd runner up Latouri Blackheart 1st runner up Sidney Abbot! Congratulation Ladies job well done! Stayed tuned to my next frolic! xoxo

Finesmith Casting

Hello Everyone!  Recently I have also went out for a casting for an in store model for Finesmith.  Unfortunately I didn't win.  But here is a pick of my outfit.  It was a wonderful opportunity and  I did receive many good compliments from the staff.  Thank you for that..  But we did have one of our models from DMC win!! World Undercroft!! yay!! Congratulations World!! Great job you were stunning!! My outfit below I wore, a Finesmith Gown,  !:Privileged:! Hecate Gown with only the slim part floor length strapless with chest ruffles.  I partnered it with a Black Avante Gaurde look from House of Fox sleeve called Bold Chic!  Also I wore Finesmiths Droid earrings in black and Gold. I loved the look and got many compliments.. Stay tuned to my next frolic xoxoox

Monday, November 14, 2011


Saturday was our beautiful C.E.O.  and Owner Anrol Anthony's Birthday!!!! All of our lovely staff got together and celebrated after our styling on Friday.. So Happy Birthday Anrol...and congrats to the 80's styling winners of that night which included me!! wooo!!! I love my CWS Family!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hey everyone!! just wanted to let you know what I've been up to lately!!! Recently I've entered into the [sYs] Skin Contest Challenge.. This month was the beautiful skin PopTart... Here is my entry.. Unfortunately I wasn't chosen but the lovely Leah McCullough is the October Winner!! Congrats Leah!! You looked Stunning! You can check out her pic here http://www.flickr.com/photos/leahmccullough/6239590304/   You can enter for November by styling the months new skin NYU .  Get it at the [sYs] Main store http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wave%20Beach/42/148/22  Stay tuned to my next Frolic!! I have lots of good news!xoxo

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello everyone ;).. I've been given the pleasure to be able to blog for a great shop LoveCats! what another great adventure!.. Below you will find some pictures of a couple outfits from there. First I show you the the fierce, sexy outfit Called Amelia!  This outfit will draw attention to you from any crowd and the details of this leather jacket just pop with quality! With raw fishnet thigh highs and hard core, buckled stiletto boots all included!

Next let me show you the Lovey, bright, hawwt, pretty kitty, outfit that's so sweet you'll melt!  I love the brilliant color and the details on the thigh highs.  It also comes with the cute ears, tail, and feet, with cute paw prints on the ground when you walk!  Its just purrrrfect! Come and get yours today! http://slurl.com/secondlife/LoveCats%20Island/99/95/1000 Stay tuned to my next Frolic! xoxo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I hope you all had fun.. chasing the ghosts and goblins tonight and enjoyed getting and eating some candy.  Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and I love to dress up.. So here a pic of a fashionable outfit for just the season from Prism! This warm, and spooky, orange, and black, fall design ,called Laura, in pumkin color.. gave just the right spice!  I also style this look with Redgrave's Trinity Vampire Hunter skin in spooky makeup, Finesmiths Voodoo doll  and Evil halloween nails. Bax's prestigous boots in brown, Miamai Updo Pari hair in black.. and Gems and kisses Luxury Chain choker and Extreame Nobility earrings.  So you'll look fashionable and hot even when things go bump in the night!  Stay tuned to my next frolic xoxxo