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Someone dear to her, encouraged her and built her up telling her, he knew she could do modeling. Having complete faith he urged her to join a photo contest. She became a finalist in the Mr. and Miss Bestyle pageant. She was accepted as Top Model in the BeStyle District Agency. The camaraderie amongst the models was exactly what she wanted. She joined all contest and pageants that she could find, worked with photography, then stumbled cross the Classic With Style Sexiest Photo contest. She was invited to join the University of Classic Style, she completed training and was accepted as a Simply The Best CWS models. There she practices her runway and styling skills with the nightly events and modeling classes. She has broaden her horizons and has gained experience in runway,photography, prink work, and Instore modeling. She is now an Instructor at Dallas Modeling Academy as well as a model, and COO. She has a goal of becoming Miss Virtual World. She has many skins and hairstyles, Her signature, is bright green eyes and blond hair. Lopez is a lover of people and is an Ambassador of a beloved group Paradise.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Bridging the gap from real life artisan to second life fashion designer came very naturally for Mr Rascon. From RL to SL fashion designer was not difficult:
They love the outfits of so many real work fashion designers, that , he cant name one particular favorite,.  Here in Second Life, he  finds that there are too many wonderful creators to name just one.  they love the diversity of styles here.
[Didier Rascon was born in SL on December 13th, 2008 and since 2 years now he is really happy to have enter this world and to have meet lot of dear friends from all over the world.
As an architect in RL he started his SL by building some houses.
 But the huge potential of creativity offered by SL made him understood that he had the chance to do something completely different from his RL. Then he started to use his talents in graphic design and create clothes for his own. Sewing up he finally opens his own clothing store, and he is now the designer and owner of the brands “Alpha Angel” and “House of Europe”. He has been elected Prestigious Designer in April 2010.
 Ladies and Gentlemen our great designer here from House of Europe  Mr Didier Rascon.

Tonight I got the pleasure to model a couple of these awesome designs first lets see COLLARIES!
 Effortlessly alluring, you'll make a jaw-dropping entrance in House of Europe’s Collaris. Featuring a severe high collar in front and a plunging V back will ensure a dramatic entrance and exit. This Neo Avant Garde gown is a show stopper and perfect for the daring lady who likes to make statements with her fashion choices. Black and white is always so chic and the unusual eye catching print covers dangerous curves and cascades into a sweeping train, prepare to have all eyes on you in this gorgeous modern gown.
Next I had the pleasure to model this next gown.. Lets see Masquarade!
 House of Europe is a brand that brings you rich patterns and daring styles. This gown is a flawless and utterly captivating couture piece, and features a beautifully detailed bodice with woven jacquard trim with a jeweled trim that alluringly cups the bosom, long and lush Tudor sleeves, and an underskirt of tapestry with a brocade rich scarlet overskirt. The Ruffled collar adds a touch of mystery to this truly breathtaking design. This is the perfect gown to wear to a costume ball! Prepare to dazzle in this exquisite design!
I also want to say Thank you so much to all my CWS family for making me feel so welcome at my first fashion show.. and want to sent out prompts to my fellow classmate Sakira Mirabella who did a wonderful job.. we both got to share our first experience together.. love ya sis!
STay Tuned for my next FROLIC