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Someone dear to her, encouraged her and built her up telling her, he knew she could do modeling. Having complete faith he urged her to join a photo contest. She became a finalist in the Mr. and Miss Bestyle pageant. She was accepted as Top Model in the BeStyle District Agency. The camaraderie amongst the models was exactly what she wanted. She joined all contest and pageants that she could find, worked with photography, then stumbled cross the Classic With Style Sexiest Photo contest. She was invited to join the University of Classic Style, she completed training and was accepted as a Simply The Best CWS models. There she practices her runway and styling skills with the nightly events and modeling classes. She has broaden her horizons and has gained experience in runway,photography, prink work, and Instore modeling. She is now an Instructor at Dallas Modeling Academy as well as a model, and COO. She has a goal of becoming Miss Virtual World. She has many skins and hairstyles, Her signature, is bright green eyes and blond hair. Lopez is a lover of people and is an Ambassador of a beloved group Paradise.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Are you ready for you reindeer games at your Holiday party this weekend?? Look at this Bizarre hair called Deer.  Wonderfully sculpted with 17 different colors to choose from and free matching hairbases!
Or are you an angel this season?? What a beautiful hairdo called Bizarre Xmas.
Come and get yours here at Bizarre Hair and have fun with you Christmas and Hanuka parties. Stay tuned to my next Frolic! xoxo Junlong (174,39,51)

Saturday, December 22, 2012


You heard me right.. that's not glee.. its GHEE!!.. Here are some awesome outfits for your holiday parties this year.  Each one of them has sparkles and glow to give you the essence of magical season.  First this georgus flowing angelic gown with wings called Noel Angel Gown. 

Next is this fun whimsical gown that also has wings! Very nice details and color. Make up your own Sugarplum look!

 At your party, don't have to look for the Mistletoe because its in your hat and dress!! This festive gown has the Christmas colors and all the luck you will need this season. Mistletoe Gown.

 I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful weekend and have fun and look great at all your holiday parties!! Stay tuned to my next Frolic!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Take a look at this sophisticated yet sexy outfit from Prism Called Denise Brown Pinstripe!  Classy, Sassy, and Sexy.. Wear it for a formal meeting or a night out!  I love how well this outfit fits! I dressed it up with a Mandala Saicho brown belt, Gems and Kisses droplet earrings and Mary Jane Alluring Red shoes. Get  yours by visiting the Prism store Bal Harbour (25,169,22)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Check out the latest release just in time for the holidays!!..Magic Christmas by Bizarre Hair!.. Two different styles in one box!! 19 different colors to choose from and free hairbases!!..
 Look how lovely this updo is with all the Christmas trimmings!  A georgus lighted tree, surround by a wreath, bows and bulbs, dangling with joy!!
For those of you anxiously awaiting Santa.. look at this Reindeer style!! So cute!! Wear them this way or mix it up.. different attachments come with this hair too! Get it here!! http://junlong%20(187,32,51)/ Stay tuned for my next Frolic!! xoxo