People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This weekend, I attended a beautiful, amazing stunning show that left my jaw dropped open.. It was the Fantasy
Introduction of the first brand "club Mermaid"  Club mermaid has provided Japanese second Life users by beautiful and fantastical Mermaid shows to help us expand. How to enjoy the fantasy world as as mermaids and fairies.
Flamboyant Mermaid costumes were produced for the fantasy mermaid show mainly in world with numerous releases.
That let you enjoy lovely costumes became widely popular.
They released four new lines at this show.

The next brand is “Pas De Deux"
[13:48]   Sora Tatham: "Pas De Deux" Fairies and mermaid costume store which is long-established popularity in Japan.
Pas De Deux brand as a means of paired male and female parts in ballet dancing,
Whenever you move, a beautiful wings, dresses and mermaid tails are casually swinging. it is like an elegant and gorgeous ballet costume.

The next brand is “Love Cats"
"Love cats" has made cute and sexy cat series costumes. lately they develop into Fairy costume from  cat costume and also release it.
Fantasy fairy costume becomes cute and sexy style when Love cats handle it.

The last brand is "Violator"! Feel of high class Haute Couture, artistic beauty, swaying tentacles and unique masks. A brand known for its unique and special world that no one has ever seen before. The gowns and coats are not only elegant nor is it only attractive, but with mysterious decorations and tentacles, it gives an intense impact to those who sees and wears it.

Gorgeous outfits.. perfect models and stunning back drops for this show.. so if you want to feed your fantasy desires.. Especially for this HALLOWEEN season, check out some of these shops!  Stay tuned to my next frolic! xoxo

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello everyone! October is breast cancer awareness month and I look a few pics to show my support.
Big or Small Save Them All.  Save the TaTas... If you don't know how, I'm sure I can find an examiner for you for Free lol... Also here is a sexy cute way to show you how in the video in this link.. you gatta watch it  http://youtu.be/VsyE2rCW71o 1ol ... I am also taking part in the Pretty Bald in Pink Campaign and as soon as get my pic back from the photographer, I'll share that with you too.. Stay tuned for my next Frolic xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello everyone!  Today I bring you a beautiful Autumn bracelet , necklace, and earrings,from Sunshine Diamonds!  Just in time for fall, this detailed gold bracelet with green and red leaves shows the changing of times elegantly, and will give your fall outfit just the right touch.  Head on over there and check out this and many of her *Sunshine Lemur* stunning jewelery!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello, everyone! Friday night was the Classic With Style monthly styling even show.  These shows are so much fun getting to see all of our creative outfits in one night.  Our CWS family is so close and we are all so much fun.  We always have a great time  when we get together and that includes that night as well.  In between Ladysunfire Erin's snoopy laughs, Nickle Sparrowtree's foolishness, Anrol's tight schedule, we all pulled together helping each other,  especially me,  and put on a wonderful show!  There were three awards given out last night first.. OUR MOST STYLISH FOR THE MONTH AWARD.. goes to...
Zahaira Maesar!!! She wowed us all month with her amazing styles.. and her final one for Batwoman shown here.
The next award given out was the EMPLYEE OF THE MONTH AWARD.. and it went to our lovely Laylah Lecker!! She inspires all of us and works so hard to keep all of us models on track and graciously teaches us to be our best in her learnings and by example!! Your the best Laylah!!!
The final award was the MOST PRESTIGOUS MODEL AWARD.. Anrol Anthony announces: Let me tell you something.. The prestigious winner tonight.  I see her on the nightly styling event, she come with a good spirit and her creative outfit done.. Win and loose .. you will see her/ happy and come back again to our next styling event.  She expected to be stunning in appearance, able to take direction, charming, graceful, gracious, kind, courteous, and talented.   Models ought to have a "great" of goodness that people want to be around,  they are people magnets and not just by physical beauty and is not done by just body and skill, but for what's inside,
: and the Ms Prestigious Model is..... Please let's all congratulate Ms Lopez Fairlady!!!

and to my surprise!! I WON!! What an Honor!!! I love my CWS Family and I thank you all for your support and encouragement.  Stay tuned to my next frolic xoxo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today I bring you the fabulous fall collection from designer Journy Mclaglen and her store PRISM!!   OO this outfits are so warm and cozy and I love the detail in all of these outfit.. They're fun, sophisticated and comfortable.  I think she did  a wonderful job on these creations, and the fit is so perfect. With many options for some of these outfits.  Have fun with them! So here's the sneak peak and go on over and get some for yourself! This is gonna be long because there is a whole line to showcase!  Now I'm all fuzzy and Warm!!

                                                Mercedes Mixed Media Pants Set - Black/Blush
                                                    Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Haruka" (Cat's eye)
                                             Shoes: Miamai_DecO Miranda_Decollete_Shoes/Rose
                                                  Jewlery:  Indy&Co: Suha Stones: Peony Set
                                         Mercedes Mixed Media Pants Set -Black/ Sky
                                               Hair:  A&A Bonny Hair Beachblonde
                                                    Jewlery:  $GaNKeD$ Arizona Set
                                              Shoes:  The King of Shoes/Heart/blue rose

                                         Mercedes Mixed Media Pants Set - Black/Forest
                                                           Hair: !VA! Poupee blonde
                                                Jewlery: Gems & Kisses - Oblige Set
                                       Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Bette /Bottle Green color
                                            Mercedes Mixed Media Pants Set - Black/Lilac
                                                HAIR:>TRUTH< Nadine 2 - champagne
                                                 JEWLERY:  Sunshine Diamond Set Iris
                                                           SHOES:  Tk - Treasure
                                             Mercedes Mixed Media Pants Set - Black/Sand
                                                         HAIR:  AD Nine- fall color
                                             Jewlery:  $GaNKeD$ Nightdance Necklace Set
                                 Shoes:  N-core SOUL -Chained- XtremeHeel II L "Caramel"
**Prism** Monterray
HAIR:  A&A Sally Hair
SHOES: AnkleBoots-White-LowRise with Ruffles and Bow(IMAGE REFLECTION)
Gabrielle Sweater and Pants - Argyle & Brown Wool
HAIR:  AD - delora  light/ Fall color
SHOES:  02 Classic Pumps -Brown- // R *REDGRAVE

Gabrielle sweater and Pants by Journey - Houndstooth
HAIR:  ""D!va"" Hair "Chisato" (Cat's eye)
SHOES:  Stiletto Moody Bare Tsa Tsa (Black)
Gabrielle Sweater and Pants by Journey - Paisley
HAIR:  ""D!va"" Hair "Maya" (Cat's eye)

                                          Gabrielle Sweater and Pants by Journey - Leopard
HAIR:  ""D!va"" Hair "Maya" (Cat's eye)
SHOES:  *YUM* - Faith Wild! HighHeelSandal-Gloss
Savannah Sweater and Journey Jeans - Indigo Denim
                                                       HAIR:  [e] Blind - Blonde 01
                                   JEWLERY:   Sunshine Diamonds Necklace/ earrings  Iris
                                      SHOES: Image Reflection.. Crocodile Black Leathers
Savannah Sweater and Journey Jeans - Autumn Leaves Leather
HAIR:  AD - the upshaw  light/ fall color
JEWLERY:  ::je::suis::tente::fire::whole set
SHOES:  Stiletto Moody Bare Bette (ColorSet)

Savannah Sweater and Journey Jeans - Denim
HAIR: .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN* /blonde
JEWLERY:::je::suis::boheme::necklace/earring set
SHOES:M.E. Fashion Baroque Ankle Boot - Coloured Line - Blu

Savannah Sweater and Journey Jeans - Eggplant Leather
HAIR:  Vanity Hair:Leonor- poivre
JEWLERY:  $GaNKeD$ Vanity Necklace/ Earrings
SHOES:  Cherie Stiletto w/Silver Heartlock

                                       Savannah Sweater and Journey Jeans - Golden Cream
                                                HAIR: >TRUTH< Anya - champagne
                                   JEWLERY:  Sunshine Diamonds Necklace/ Earrings Harare
                                              SHOES:  Miamai_DecO Miranda_Mango

Savannah Sweater and Journey Jeans- Giraffe
JEWLERY:  Gems & Kisses - Shara necklace/earrings
SHOES:  MEB : Stiletto Leopard
Irene Sweater Dress by Journey - Brown Multi
HAIR:  Vanity Hair:Giulietta-Blonde
SHOES:  BAX Prestige Boots Blue Suede

Irene Sweater Dress by Journey - Green and Purple
HAIR:  A&A Meg Hair 8
JEWLERY:  JCNY - Hearts Promise, Hyper-Gems Pendant Necklace, Earrings
SHOES:  Bootgasm Classy Boot grey

Irene Sweater Dress by Journey Taupe Multi
HAIR:  Tukinowguma Greed Gold
SHOES:  Bootgasm Eskimo Brown

Irene Sweater Dress by Journey - Black Multi
HAIR:   Sabrina Twine's Black  Ailine Bob
SHOES:  Image Reflections, Over the Knee Thigh Highs-Black