People who were close to me after joining Second Life encouraged me to do modeling. After joining a few contest and getting involved in Styling events, I decided this is just what I had been looking for. I have since Graduated Modeling School at Classic With Style and Dallas Modeling Academy. This adventure has taken me into so many differen avenues that I love all equally. Runway, Printwork, Store work, Blogging, and Management. I currently am an avid Blogger for several designers, an Instructor and Principal of Dallas Modeling Academy, and the COO of Dallas Modeling Agency. I have a goal to one day win Miss Virtual World and I record my adventures here on my blog, as I climb my way to the top.

Friday, January 30, 2015


I have just entered the Ghee Girl 2015 Contest.  I am so excited and hope to win!  Take a look at the photos that I submitted and why I would like to be a Ghee Girl.  I currently blog for them but would love to be one of their models.!
 I would love to be the next Ghee Girl because I am absolutely in love with the creative design.  The haute couture materials that are used makes each outfit stand out and catch the eye. Ghee shows how a girl can be fashionable, yet fun, creative, sharp, soft, sexy, cute, elegant, or tough.  All of which are attributes of a good women. With perfectly fitting outfits, any woman can bring out what is best in them on any day with Ghee and shine.

 Promoting the best is what I am all about as a woman, model, blogger and friend, and making women feel good about themselves. Which attribute I want to display one day, may not be the same as the next day Women are very versatile. I'm not afraid to push the limit or scramble up the ordinary. As you can see with my outfit, Ghee has beautiful pieces that you can do that with.  This is what makes Ghee a great line and is why I would love to be the next Ghee Girl.

MODEL-Lopez Fairlady
REZ DATE-11/03/2009
JACKET-Ghee  " Fall14 Embossed Leather Biker Jacket"(Noir)
SHIRT-Ghee " Starlite Gown Top" (Silver)
HAT-Ghee " B&W SHimmer Bloom Hat"
PANTS-Ghee " 60s mod marshmallow tights"
BELT-Ghee " Noir Embossed Leather Belt"  (silver buckle)
SHOES-Ghee " Onyx Sequin Heels"  (Slink High)
PURSE-Ghee " Fall14 Couture Handbag" (gold metal)
NAILS-Ghee " Fall14 Matte Manicure" (Aluminum)

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